Managed Campaigns

Display advertising puts your ads in front of customized audiences. However, the key to success means constant refinement and optimization. Getting the ads just right makes costs go down and view go up. Running effective display campaigns requires analysis with facts obtained from split testing. Then refine, re-test, and improve. Test the images. Test the text. Never rely on what worked yesterday because as soon as the competition figures it out, then your costs go up and your ctr goes down.

Display Advertising Made Easy

Ads brings eyeballs, but developing great landing pages gets customers to convert to paying customers. The balance between the ads and the landing pages must be kept harmonious, otherwise money gets wasted.

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Social Media

social media management

Social Interaction

So many businesses on social media, but so few understand how to use it to generate sales. Then, compounding the problem, the so called social media gurus and the supposed influencers sell nebulous ideas about what gauges successful campaigns. The number of likes, shares, comments, etc doesn't mean much if customers still don't show up to pay.

Customer Attraction

You need to create authentic and compelling content that leads to sales. There needs to be a reason to connect. Because, social media only works when customers feel inspired to connect.

Transpondex offers a range of services to help grow your social media presence. We tackle Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr and every other social platform. We don't rely on publishing the same exact content to all accounts. We succeed by creating unique content to the respective channel that supports all the other publishing points. We create interaction that moves people to be brand loyalists. Because, their word of mouth is the best advertising you shouldn't have to buy.


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Reputation Management

Reputation Management means securing your brand online. Keeping consistency across search, your brand must define a position in Search Engines that "tells the same story". Google and Bing may dominate search but there are over 70 other search engines. Making sure your business is clearly defined across all of them would be a painstaking daily chore if you had to update and reconcile each one individually. RevRep allow all your search listings to be synchronized. The value of consistent information sometimes presents a challenge.


For example, some businesses move but forget to update their address across all search engines. Bad results equals bad data. Search sites like Google rely on measuring other search results to make sure the information stays accurate. Any time info like an address or phone number or anything else doesn't match up degrades your search results. Subsequently, you lose the benefit of your organic search traffic.

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website design and optimizations

A great looking website is just part of the equation to getting noticed online. How a website looks to the search engines is vital. Search optimization starts with well organized and properly described content. Then making sure the site is technically sound and built for speed is critical.

Build Green Realtor a Berkshire Hathaway Broker Agent website

We work with clients and determine what features best serve the company interests and goals. We study their competitor sites, keywords, links, and content; so, you start with a competitive edge. Finally, we establish links and submit to search engines so the site is gaining organic traffic from the moment it goes live.

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