Marketing that focuses on your customers to help customers focus on you

We work with a team of designers that specialize in a variety of skill sets, from site and logo design, to brochure, packaging, and more.

Design is the cornerstone of every marketing strategy and will make the first impression. We tailor every design to the client and the promotion.

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We will establish an e-commerce store front so you can sell products and build it on the platform of your choice. Whether you want to go with Woocommerce or build a store on your Squarespace site, we can help you create as well as manage the store.

A store front online can greatly impact not only your sales of goods but can also help add search engine visibility to your site.

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Running online ad campaigns requires constant attention to traffic sources and refining ad resources until the best possible conversions result, then testing and exploring new traffic sources to keep building on what works best. From creating optimized advertising assets like videos, banners, through setting up ad campaigns to run on display networks and social media, we will create an online ad campaign that is results driven.

We can manage everything from your ad design through testing traffic and implementing conversion tracking mechanisms so you know not only what works best but from each respective traffic source..

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Videos grab attention and provide content that converts. From pre-production, through production, and editing, the process tends to be labor intensive, so the effort has to yield results that can be measured. Take the guess-work out, focus on the creative potential, and let Transpondex put your video to work.

The power of compelling video content cannot be underestimated. The vast amount of traffic on  potential outlets for video content such as Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, and more offer excellent exposure.

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Keeping up a blog usually presents a challenge. Maintaining current, topical, and unique content are critical factors in building an active audience. We will write original articles and make sure that not only are they timely, but also rich in the sort of content that Search Engines favor.

A blog featuring unique content provides a useful tool to attract not only an active and engaged audience, but also makes the site more attractive to Search

Let us be the beacon to bring you more business.

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Forget the hype, stay down to Earth.

If you want grassroots marketing to be successful, then staying down to Earth is essential. In the information age, hyperbole just becomes yesterday’s fake news.

Focus on what works.

As long as the data can be tracked, then every stat counts. There is no such thing as failure when the ability to test and improve results rests on changing a single component quickly.

More customers, real conversions.

Engagements, likes, shares all serve a purpose, but counting sales conversions reveals what works and what does not. Campaigns need tracking that proves results on the bottom line.

A Path To Sales Through Informed Customers

Marketing across a variety of viewing platforms to discover what works best and creating the advertising assets that work.

The local audience and walk in customers to the buyers around the world — all use the same means to connect 24/7.

Optimize the campaign and harness the traffic that brings business through the door to like, share, and buy!

Get seen on the networks by the audience most likely to purchase your products and services.

We’re Here To Help You Discover More Customers!

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination

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