Forest for the Trees

You may be brand new to business or you may have a long and distinguished entrepreneurial career filled with accomplishment. Regardless, the thing that everyone has in common, getting something “FREE” appeals to all. Sometimes the simplest thing can be what a business lacks. Other times, complex issues help focus sights on simpler goals more within reach. If foresight were only as good as hindsight then everyone would be successful and smiling all the way to the bank to drop off bags of cash. Hopefully this blog can offer some free advice that helps foresight be as focused as hindsight.

Seeing the forest for the trees means looking at the big picture before getting bogged down into the details. The details are always incredibly important, but if you are focusing too much on certain granular elements then you might be missing out on the opportunities flying by. For example, these days, having a social media reach plays a critical role in branding, but too often people only see creating content for posts as akin to planting a tree. It may or may not grow large one day but no one is about to sit and watch it grow waiting for the outcome. Look at the big picture; determine the overall goal of the posts, then plant content so that it can flourish by referencing aged posts, or seed ideas for future posts. That way you are constantly nourishing growth through legitimate cross-linking and enticing surfers to enjoy the future fruits of your labors.

See the forest for the trees