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Marketing Engagement Advice From Transpondex

Why You Should Focus On Content Engagement

     Do you know why content engagement trumps the number of followers you have?  The pressure getting hundreds of thousands of followers creates stress to say the least. But does having a high follower count really translate into a successful and valuable social media strategy? Thankfully, the answer, not entirely. Yes a high follower count means more visibility, but it doesn’t mean the QUALITY of your engagement provides any value to your account. Whether you maintain a brand looking to sell more products, or act as an influencer looking to sell your personal “brand”, the importance of thousands of followers takes a back seat to the importance of a stellar engagement rate.

Content Engagement Rate

So how do you know what determines good engagement rates; subsequently, what can you do to boost it? Most importantly, how do you determine the value of your account? A good percentage of engagement is no lower than about 4% on average, for both your profile and post rate. Luckily, there’s a super simple formula to calculate your engagement rate and assess your account’s standing.

How To Calculate Your Engagement Rate

[(Total likes + Total comments) / Total followers] x 100 = Engagement Percentage Rate

To find the engagement average for your profile, first add the total engagement (comments and likes) of your first nine posts on your feed and divide them by 9 to get your average comments and likes = X. Now, follow the same formula as for an individual post.

When working to increase your engagement, your brand should focus first and foremost on creating content that CONNECTS with your target audience. Are you asking your followers questions? Are you creating conversations with them around experiences or products that fit your brand? Does your content give value to your followers interests? What steps are you taking to control your engagement?

It requires more than creating a “boost group” or posting a pretty picture of your lunch that has absolutely nothing to do with your brand. Most certainly, it means never (we repeat: NEVER) buying likes and followers. Brands and consumers can spot fake engagement from a mile away. Really, this only does more harm than good when you are trying to build a profitable and valuable Instagram following.