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Dan O. Director, Stalker Farms Haunt Attraction, Snohomish WA

“Farrell’s talent to authentically socialize and communicate is brilliant. He understands business needs and uses data to track the best use of media funding. Top notch!”

Grab Lightning In A Bottle

Online or brick and mortar, wherever you can strike up conversation with your customers can be like harnessing a lightning bolt, and capable of energizing your business. We provide the lightning rod to attract those customers and encourage that dialog.

However, trying to figure out where the prospect came from can be just as difficult as determining where a bolt of lightning originated. Precise measurement from solid analytical data allows calibration and refinement; then, targeting leads with superior accuracy generates higher conversions.

That is when lightning can strike the same place twice.

Your business is our business

We provide affordable marketing solutions customized to the specific operations of the client. Our success is measured by the profitability we generate, not the hours we bill. Our reputation rests on results.

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